What is Peer2Peer?

Peer2Peer is a vocational training course. It enables individuals who have experienced mental health problems to become personal assistants to those who are currently living with similar difficulties.

Peer2Peer approaches support and training for people with mental health problems with a focus on their recovery.

Peer2Peer is a unique project which affords us all an opportunity to influence, on a social, political and policy-making level, how we approach recovery for people with mental health issues

Why is Peer2Peer necessary?

Individuals with mental illness are 3-5 times more likely to be unemployed than other Europeans. People with mental illness are often willing and able to work. This group frequently faces obstacles that other members of society do not, particularly in relation to employment. These individuals have much to contribute to society and Peer2Peer recognises the importance of improving access for people with mental illness to employment and training. We are actively working to facilitate the entry or re-entry of people with mental illness to the labour force using vocational learning methods.

How does Peer2Peer work?

Peer support working involves developing mutually beneficial relationships between individuals who can share their lived experiences in a manner that inspires hope for and belief in, the recovery process. Peer support workers can be powerful role models for support users. They are examples of recovery as a realistic process for those who may feel that the path to recovery is very steep.

Peer2Peer also provides a positive and safe space for trainees to grow into the role of a Personal Assistant. The vocational training, with specific focus on experiential education, provides a practical learning environment as the trainees progress towards working as a professional support worker.

Who is involved in Peer2Peer?

Peer2Peer as a project has emerged because of the innovative and collaborative approach being taken by eight organisations from across Europe who are working together to make Peer2Peer a reality. The organisations or partners involved in Peer2Peer have taken a cross discipinary and skills sharing approach in order to achieve tangible and lasting results. Each organisation has specific skills and experiences to offer the project. Areas of expertise involve experience in working with recovery processes, mental health, job training, and vocational and group therapy.

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