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F.I.T.-Repetition is an intellectual and behavioral welfare program based on the systematic and deliberate repetition of thoughts, actions and habits which lead to personal wellbeing. This program was designed by Daniel Fernandez Cantalapiedra, who lives in Madrid and has written several articles about traveling.  Daniel is currently working in the field of positive psychology and education, he helps job seekers and those who are struggling to find success. He sees himself as “a generator of new healthy habits” and very interesting in Peer work:

“Although we may not be aware of it, we’re all searching for the same thing, a fulfilling life, for me this involves utilizing my talents and reaching my goals. For this reason it is important to manage our negative thoughts, to maximize positive emotions and to achieve our goals”, says Daniel Fernandez Cantalapiedra who identifies the main goals of this programme as the following:

-    To help people. To make the person feel alive and useful in this world. To be happy, to feel happiness inside, because genuine happiness involves carrying out selfless acts of kindness for others.
-    Try to understand yourself, your feelings. At times our bodies don’t respond to our requests, we should learn how to regain control of our life and to channel our energies in a positive way.
-    Choice of priorities and goals in our life.  We have to decide what is more important in our life. Find your passion, be creative and create. We all have passions which we need to discover in order to lead a rich and fulfilling life.
-    To accept ourselves as who we are, don’t try to change something but to aspire to develop.  People should learn from their mistakes, and use their talents and rejoice in their success.
-    Love is the act of giving without taking and caring for others, it makes life worthwhile.
-    Work hard. You can either view work as a passion or a punishment. You have to be passionate about your work and feel accomplished when you do a good job. “Your attitude to life is your responsibility”.
-    Waking up early gives us structure and control and helps people form a healthy habit.  
-    Write and record our thoughts in a journal, include dreams and aspirations, this could show us why we do the things we do and reveal the deepest darkest desires of our heart.
-    To be responsible of your own fate. Responsibility means being accountable for the thoughts passing through your head.
-    We have to learn to love loneliness. To be alone, it’s not a bad thing, sometimes we feel lonely surrounded by many people. It’s important to connect with yourself and not lose perspective of who you are.

To read the whole programme please check the article (in Spanish) here