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I consider that Peer2Peer training course was a great opportunity to meet and work with people who have a lot to share and from who everyone can learn.

I was a bit anxious at the beginning as I really wanted my message, as a trainer, to get through to the training participants. I was very happy to learn that people were very open and, as the concept was not known to them, they wanted a lot of information and asked many clarifying questions. Not surprisingly, many of them came to the conclusion that, informally, they were doing peer support when their friends who went through difficult times. From the course, they got more information about limits and boundaries in peer roles as well as how to protect themselves in this role and which are the basic values of peer support. I think it was a personal development process for all of us, participants and trainers, and we had a lot to learn from each other. Even if formalizing this role will take some time in Romania, when time comes, we will have trained people who already have experience in peer support and this makes us feel prepared for the future.
Raluca Nica
Trainer. LRSPM, Bucharest (Romania)