Stichting Gek op Werk

GOW is a non-profit foundation which provides a program of e-coaching combined with face to face coaching for people with a psychiatric background that are in search of competitive jobs.

Gek op Werk works in cooperation with other Dutch organizations, such as private companies, different Patient organizations, social security services and employers from all sectors, in order to increase equal opportunities for people from the target group to find a job that is according to their personal preferences and capabilities.

Gek Op Werk is unique in its approach because of the following two points:

  • GOW specializes on the Job Reintegration of people who have or have had psychic or psychiatric problems;
  • GOW uses experience-skilled people as job coaches (peer-to-peer coaching).

Gek Op Werk has good knowledge and vast experience with the methods and good practices in the working field as well as a relatively high succes rate in placing people from the target group.

Role in the project

GOW will contribute to the adaptation of Professional Development Award (PDA) in Mental Health Peer Support and video-therapy methodology. It will perform a pilot vocational training in the Netherlands and it will coordinate the exploitation phase, ensuring the sustainability of the project outcomes within the project partners institutions and beyond.

Contact details

ronald (4)

Ronald Oosterhof

Untitled-10Head of the projects department

Untitled-30+31 104 121 974

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