Scottish Recovery Network

SRN was formally launched in 2004 as an initiative designed to raise awareness of recovery from mental health problems. SRN developed out of a loose affiliation of individuals and organisations with a common interest in recovery, and has been designed to share information and ideas as quickly as possible.

We operate as an autonomous and independent entity hosted by the voluntary sector organisation Penumbra which is a Scottish charity and company limited by guarantee.

SRN has four overall goals: (1) Raise awareness of recovery; (2) Encourage empowerment; (3) Develop the evidence base; (4) Influence policy and practice.

Specific experience in relation to this project includes leading the introduction of the Peer Support Worker role to the Scottish mental health service sector. This has included the development of the nationally validated training award (PDA Mental Health Peer Support), research management and the production of a range of associated support materials.

Role in the project

SRN will transfer to the consortium the Professional Development Award (PAD) in Mental Health Peer Support and the associated learning and teaching pack. Besides, SRN will lead the production of final didactic products.

Contact details

Photo LC Sept 2013Louise Christie

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