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‘Peer support is a system of giving and receiving help founded on key principles of respect, shared responsibility, and a mutual agreement of what is helpful. Peer support is not based on psychiatric models and diagnostic criteria. It is about understanding another’s situation empathically through the shared experience of emotional and psychological pain... where people are able to “be” with eachother without the contraints of traditional (expert/ patient) relationships.’

Mead, Hilton & Curtis, Peer Support: A Theoretical Approach, (2001:6)

‘Psychodrama employs guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues raised by an individual. Using experiential methods, sociometry, role theory, and group dynamics, Psychodrama facilitates insight, personal growth, and integration on cognitive, affective, and behavioural levels. It clarifies issues, increases physical and emotional well being, enhances learning and develops new skills.’

British Psychodrama Association, What is Psychodrama? [online]

Available at: [07/03/14]


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Making recovery a reality policy paper-page-001 

Making Recovery a Reality     UK  Spain

Geoff Shepherd, Jed Boardman & Mike Slade

Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health


Experts by Experience-page-001 

Experts by Experience     UK

A guide for developing and implementing peer worker rules

Scottish Recovery Network

SRN Peer Working report Final-page-001 

Experts by Experience     UK

Values Framework for Peer Working

Scottish Recovery Network


FIT Repetition     Spain

Intellectual and behavioral welfare program

Daniel Fernandez Cantalapiedra

Sustaining Hope - Final Report 

Sustaining Hope - Final Report     UK 

Summary report which details the findings of a joint project with a large social care provider in Scotland to look at how they were translating their commitment to recovery into practice.


World Journal of Psychiatry 

World Journal of Psychiatry     UK 

Article on peer support in Scotland based on some research we commissioned to look at why, despite Government support, there are still very few peer support posts in our health service.


Positive Psychotherapy 

Positive Psychotherapy      UK 

Martin E. P. Seligman, Tayyab Rashid and Acacia C. Parks

Positive Psychology Center, University of Pennsylvania


Positive Psychotherapy 

The Impact of Mental Illness Stigma on Seeking and Participating in Mental Health Care      UK 

Unfortunately, people distressed by these illnesses often do not seek out services or choose to fully engage in them. One factor that impedes care seeking and undermines the service system is mental illness stigma.

Patrick W. Corrigan, Benjamin G. Druss, and Deborah A. Perlick


Positive Psychotherapy 

Peer Support Among Adults With Serious Mental Illness: A Report From the Field      UK 

This article defines peer support as a form of mental health care and reviews data from 4 randomized controlled trials, which demonstrated few differences between the outcomes of conventional care when provided by peers versus non-peers.

Larry Davidson, Matthew Chinman, David Sells and Michael Rowe


Positive Psychotherapy 

Do your services promote recovery?      UK 

Ashcraft, L., Ph.D., and Anthony, William, Ph.D


Positive Psychotherapy 

Pillars of Peer Support: Transforming Mental Health Systems of Care Through Peer Support Services      UK 


Positive Psychotherapy 

Medicaid Coverage of Peer Support for People with Mental Illness.      UK 

Steve Eiken, Thomson Reuters Jean Campbell, Ph.D.


Positive Psychotherapy 

Involving users in the delivery and evaluation of mental health services: systematic review.      UK 

Five randomised controlled trials and seven other comparative studies were identified. Half of the studies considered involving users in managing cases. Involving users as employees of mental health services led to clients having greater satisfaction with personal circumstances and less hospitalisation.

Emma L. Simpson, Allan O. House


Positive Psychotherapy 

Recovery for real – A summary of findings from the REFOCUS programme.      UK 

This report summarises the finding from the REFOCUS programme, which took place in England from 2009 to 2014. The document is written for the general public, and describes what the study involved and what we found.

Ben Fortune, Victoria Bird, Ruth Chandler, Joanna Fox, Ruth Hennem, John Larsen, Clair Le Boutillier, Mary Leamy, Rob Macpherson, Julie Williams, Mike Slade.


Peer2Peer Training Course

“Paving the way to recovery - the Personal Ombudsman System”

A film by "Mental Health Europe".

Interviews by Silvana Enculescu and Gabor Petri. Shot and edited by Silvana Enculescu

“A Small History of Psychiatry”

A video by "The Crazy about Work Foundation"

Video produced during the training session “Communication skills” of one of the trainings organized by Promente (Austria). This course is addressed at people who would like to become peer support workers. Activity carried out in the framework of PEER2PEER Project, funded by the European Commission.

This short animation explains what SRN mean by recovery and the work we are doing to achieve our vision of 'A Scotland where mental health recovery is a reality for all'.


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